Customized Messages

Made Easy

Our digital signage software makes it easy for advertisers to design and plan their campaigns and adapt them to suit local factors. Special promotions, limited-time offers or flash sales can be implemented quickly thanks to the high level of flexibility when managing the content. A region-specific customer approach is just as easy to implement as custom pricing or advertising at the POS.

Your Content in the Acer Cloud

By using the Acer Cloud, advertising becomes highly available in Germany as well as internationally, and is scalable and easy to adapt quickly. Variable, role-based access rights ensure that content is processed and distributed safely. Acer’s high-security servers provide data protection and security in accordance with German law, while reliable global service and support ensure that the systems operate reliably around the clock.

Acer Cloud and Data Center

Secure Data Storage and Services

Not every company wants its content distributed via the public cloud. We also realize private cloud solutions for our customers—distributed organizations with nationwide branches, for example—from a highly secure data center in Frankfurt through to comprehensive integration solutions. Since they use our infrastructure, our customers do not need to invest in setting up private cloud infrastructures themselves. 

Manage Your Campaign

picturemachine4® – Complete and Convenient

picturemachine4® is a web-based, professional tool that allows you to manage, edit and play advertising content within a connected digital signage network. Thanks to the intuitive front-end and the extensive functionality picturemachine4® facilitates the campaign work – from the content management to the evaluation of the payouts.

Create and manage advertising content
Upload your advertising content or your customers’ content to aBeing Cloud. A two-step editing process allows you to edit the content
in an editor or manage it in the front-end. The integrated approval process ensures that the system plays only the desired content.

Intuitive content management system that supports all popular media formats
• Role-based user management
• Two-stage editorial process with approval processes
• Sub-editors, for example, for local content
• Integrated editorial workstations
• Integrated MP3 playlists for background music
• Campaign planning attribute- and time-controlled
• Map-based location management
• Integrated reports about content being played
• Monitor the system and all players in the network

Get To Know Your Customers

Acer Being Audience Rating

To help you understand if and how your campaigns work, we’ve developed Acer Being Audience Rating. Intelligent sensors see who is watching your campaign for how long and what emotions people develop. 

Built in big data analysis

To help you leverage large data volumes from large-scale campaigns in huge digital signage networks to measure advertising effectiveness, we’ve integrated a simple, intuitive big data tool into Acer Being Audience Rating. The results can be integrated into your CRM system or used to optimize future campaigns.

Download Data Protection

For Beginners and Professionals

We Support You Right from the Start


From the complete solution for medium-sized businesses…

With DWIN, we and our partner n-tv have created a complete digital signage package for small and medium-sized enterprises. This includes software and media player hardware, as well as industry templates and content from n-tv. DWIN is optimized for Acer’s large-format displays (LFD). We also offer DWIN to our customers as a leasing model.

Large-Scale Projects

… to Digital Signage Infrastructure and Operations at the Airport

In many major German airports, we have organized both the installation and networking of the digital signage systems, as well as the operation and service of these systems. We support large customers in the individual planning, implementation and operation of national and international digital signage networks.

Digital Signage Hardware from a Single Source

Acer Being Signage operates as a full service provider of digital signage, independent of any manufacturer.
We are happy to use our parent company’s hardware for digital signage installations.

From the Display to the Player

Acer offers a comprehensive portfolio of Acer Veriton hardware players, with a wide range of configurations capable of covering all application scenarios.

In addition to the standard form factors, the wide range of large-format displays (LFD) from Acer includes special formats such as free-standing or stretch displays.

If customers have specific needs and expectations or the ideal configuration is unavailable, then we will also integrate third-party devices.

Worldwide Service and Support for Digital Signage Installations

Our parent company Acer maintains a large, globally active service and support organization, which is also responsible for our clients. From our site at Ahrensburg, we supply Germany and other European countries. Our service and support has been awarded the German Service Prize several times by the German Institute for Quality of Service (Deutsches Institut für Servicequalität — DISQ), in cooperation with n-tv.

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