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We focus on delivering a digital signage and video analytics service that is easily utilized by our customers so as to create the maximum amount of results.

2-in-1 Media Player and Behavior Tracking Sensor

Versatile media player with the non-intrusive

Behavior Tracking Sensor (BTS).  Collect viewer

data with ease.

Real Time Content and Device Management via the Cloud

Advanced 4K Performance

  • Consistent 60 FPS at 4K resolution
  • Supports H.264/H.265/VP9 video codecs

Commercial-Grade Hardware

  • Fanless design with a wide operation temperature range of -10°C – 50°C
  • Zero spindle design keeps things silent and vibration-free
  • Ventless architecture offers IP40-rated dust protection

Design Reference

Bringing Everything Together

We focus on delivering a digital signage solution with video analytics capability that is
easily utilized by our customers to better improve and maximize their business.

Flexible Device Control

Ensuring Performance, Saving Costs

Being Device Management

Smooth operation chains are vital for stable profits. Machine downtime imposes a cost to firms due to forgone productivity and can be particularly disruptive in both manufacturing and retail sectors. With predictive maintenance, we can ensure that this down time is kept to a minimum or avoided altogether.

  • Reduces service and management costs

    BDM provides automated provisioning, remote SW configuration and monitoring.

  • Improves campaign management efficiency

    CMS with cloud-based web access, flexible scheduling and attributes for dynamic campaigns.

  • Increases ROI through precision marketing

    BAR collects audience data while matching attention time for ad performance metrics.

  • Prevents security threats

    Role-based access control which is ISO and CSA Star certified.

A Completely Open Platform

Keep your options open with abSignage. If you have an existing or alternative content management system you want to port onto our hardware to further personalize your solution, we work with you the entire way to transition your business as smoothly as possible into our signage network.

  • More than 500,000 displays worldwide
  • 13,000 active Intuiface-based displays
  • Business across 100+ countries
  • Over 30,000 screens deployed

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